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Hellen O.S.  22 Nov 2011

FANTASTIC service! Clean Direct’s team were all over it. Attacked the dirt like it had said something bad about their mamas. They are professional (bonded and insured), flexible, thorough, and timely. Their pride of work is obvious, and I’m sure that their high-caliber results and discretion are why their clients range from celebrities to non celebrities to commercial properties. Highly recommended – you will be satisfied in your sparkling home and know that they earned the tip you will definitely want to give them!

Erick M.G.  17 Nov 2011

Wow. I came home last night to a floor -to-ceiling sparkling clean home. I am so impressed by the job Clean Direct’s team did, and by how friendly and professional they are. Right on time. GREAT work. And I *loved* the smiley face sticker they put on the end of the toilet paper roll, folded into a triangle, hotel-style.

Timothy S.D. ‎ 16 Nov 2011

Jamie from Clean Direct could take a hoarder clutter nightmare and organize it into a neat tidy space with everything organized for you. She took my apartment which had degenerated into a true mess, (I was depressed just could not do it), into a lovely home that I truly enjoy being in. She moved furniture and made suggestions about how I might keep things so I didn’t get so overwhelmed again. she helped me pick out new furniture and storage items to keep my things in a better way and just completely organized my home for me absolutely guilt free. 2 yrs later I love the things she did and have not reverted to the clutter that once was my home.