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Professional Cleaning Romford

Professional Cleaning RomfordClean Direct values professionalism. We offer only top quality, professional cleaning services. However, how do you define professionalism? Our company stays true to three principal words: quality, customer satisfaction and flexibility.

Professional Cleaning by Vetted Maids in Romford

Among professional cleaning Romford companies, we invest in the newest cleaning machines. We employ the best carpet cleaning machines and superior to other businesses cleaning tools, regardless of what the job is. Furthermore, Clean Direct connects professional cleaning with responsibility towards the environment, which is why our cleaning materials are ground breaking in green technology.

Customer satisfaction is an idea that manifests in several aspects. At first, we attribute the biggest part of satisfaction with the excellence of our professional cleaning services, but satisfaction can be achieved in more ways than none. This is why our support staff is constantly available, courteous and generous in the explanation of our services. This is why we aim to respond to every query the moment it arises and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers and why our professional cleaning service packages are the most varied in Romford.

Flexibility is a trait, which saves a company during tough times. Clean Direct are one of the top leaders in Romford, when it comes to flexibility. Apart from the diversity in our service packages, we allow the customer full control over when it’s most convenient to carry out a service.

The accumulation of these three traits is what pushes constantly on the foreground as one of the professional service providers in Romford to beat.

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You can find our support staff available 24/7 at 020 3026 2436 for questions, quotations and any other additional information. Clean Direct has an easy to use online booking form so that all the information you desire will be delivered in a single e-mail.

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